WTD 70s-80s U2 Joshua Tree and other classic rock records LPs - $123 (fresno)

WTD 70s-80s U2 Joshua Tree and other classic rock records LPs 1 thumbnailWTD 70s-80s U2 Joshua Tree and other classic rock records LPs 2 thumbnail
UPDATE: I was able to get some Styx LPs I was looking for except for a couple of early ones. I'm hoping to find other decent stuff as outlined below.

The nice big bookcase you see in my photo used to be filled with records but over the years I got rid of them and put my turntable away. Now I'm basically looking to rebuild some of my collection. I kept the Beatles and Beach Boys, so I'm good on those, and I kept a few bits and pieces, but pretty much everything from Abba to U2 was gone. I've managed to replace some stuff from the 70s but not much from the 80s so I'm weakest there. I'll look at anything vintage. If anyone has some good shape stuff taking up space they'd like to sell, maybe you can get a hold of me. I've got a few hundred I can spend.
Lemme stress I'm not looking to pay some kind of collector prices just for normal popular stuff to listen to. I didn't get any kind of high dollar collector prices when I sold off my own Zeppelin, Heart, Stones, Frampton, Bee Gees, GNR, etc. On average, I got what I'd call normal swap meet and yard sale prices (anywhere from a couple bucks to several dollars), and I'm willing to pay the same sort of money I got for my own stuff when I sold it off during the pandemic, though for really great stuff I'd do better (I paid one guy $10 ea. for some clean Rush, but that was Rush...). If you'd like to help me rebuild, I'd be glad to send some cash your way if you can use the dough more than the vinyl. Thanks much

Some titles I particularly need are:

Guys N Roses: Appetite for Destruction.

1960s to early 70s albums by the Kinks.

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