Wanted: your unused home or lot please (Fresno)

May I please have your unused home or lot?
Hello, I live in Fresno county..
Maybe you have no one to leave your property to. Perhaps you have property you don't really want, or you have much property and can easily part with a portion of it...

I was a single father and raised my child alone from age Two. I have struggled and managed for years to stay of public assistance. I put off educational goals and accepted work which, allowed me to be off work, when my child was out of school. While it was necessary to be there, it did not pay well. I worked hard and incurred many back injuries over my life time. I brushed off the injuries to keep working and just pushed through the pain. I am now 60 years old and I hurt so much all the time. Insurance only wants to manage my pain, rather than fix me. I don't know how much longer I will be capable of working. I have been taking care of my elderly mother for several years and now she is to the point that I need to have her live with me. I cannot do that where I currently live. She is in a very small studio apartment and I cannot stay there.

I have no retirement, I used it years ago to help other people in need and my income now fluctuates so much, I can't seem to get financing to buy a home, inspite of a great credit score. I live with so much pain, I am limited as to what I can do for work.

I have spent my life helping people, even to my own determent. I have always been too proud to ask for help, but now I really need help. Life passed so quickly, I always thought there would be more time to build retirement and would be able to buy a home. The harsh reality is, I will never be able too. I fear that I will be homeless in the next five years. Yes, my child, who is a 1000 miles away, would take me in. However, I would never to that to their marriage. I would never even let on even, if I become homeless. They struggle to make their house payment.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to take over your unwanted home or lot where, I can put a small home or prefab. It is important that I have my mom with me to care for her. She has fallen twice, breaking opposite hips, she doesn't really eat if someone doesn't cook for her. I need to help with medications, bills transportation, ECT.

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