Private party buying silver dollars & US coins - $123 (fresno)

I collect US silver dollars 1935 and earlier, and perhaps other US silver coins. I pay around $22 for a basic clean dollar coin and more if in excellent shape.*
Also will consider bullion coins/bars, and silver half dollars.

Not interested in the Ike dollars from the 70s, thanks

* BTW, many folks wrongly think silver dollars have "an ounce of silver" in them. Unfortunately, they don't. If you see silver valued at, say, $25 an "ounce," that's talking around 32 grams of PURE silver, measured in a TROY ounce, which is bigger than a regular ounce. Silver dollars, if there is zero wear, weigh only 27 grams, aren't pure silver but are alloyed, and their silver isn't even as pure as Sterling, which is only 92% silver. If silver is selling for $25 an ounce, a silver dollar WITH NO WEAR is worth around $19 in actual silver, If silver is going for $22 an ounce, a silver dollar has under $17 in actual silver value.

I'm not a dealer so I don't really sell. Just looking to rebuild the silver collection I had as a kid when I used to collect silver coins.

Some have asked me about gold coins. While I'm mostly a silver dollar guy cuz they're a whole lot cheaper, I sometimes buy gold (usually lower denominations). I typically pay 90 times face value ($450, for example, in the case of a $5 gold piece if in decent shape, less if worn or if it's been polished). I sometimes pay more if the coin is in really nice shape w/sharp details, but I'm not really looking for investment grade coins, just regular coins.

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