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There are many volunteer opportunities at the FAC Water Tower. The FAC Water Tower is a gift shop, local art gallery and a visitor center. We are looking for volunteers to help us market, advertise, give tours, help clean up around the building and cater to sales inside of our gift shop! In 2018, there have been many changes to this building so that all of our visitors can be left with a positive impression of Fresno. We have people all over the world visit the historic water tower before numerous amounts of people who have been born and raised in Fresno. It is a HUGE goal for the manager and current volunteers to change that. Inside you can find amazing gifts (Fresno, California and Central Valley related), local art work (sculptures, ceramics, hand painted goods, candles, souvenirs, clothes, soaps, dream catchers...etc) and lastly, you can find maps of the Clovis/Fresno area, a map of places to eat downtown, things to do in Fresno, brochures to tourist attractions, local business cards for marketing and so much more.

We have such a great team of dedicated volunteers and you should be apart of it! :)
To find out more in formation on how to volunteer at the FAC Water Tower, reply to this post!
Or find us on social media under FAC Water Tower
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