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Hello, my name is Eli. I am a 20 year old college student looking for someone who wants to roommate with me. Maybe share an apt lease with as well (maybe). I am looking for the last week of August or the beginning of September. I have a full time job , I am responsible, clean, and friendly. I do have a medium sized dog. She is very friendly and sweet as can be. I am openly gay.
So you must be
I would prefer a female roommate around my age with a stable income, but I am not opposed to having a male roommate. One of my main concerns would be for us to get along and respect each other's privacy, personal belongings, space and boundaries.
I am not looking to have a 'party house' but not opposed to having a few friends over. As I do work on the weekends in the mornings; so I do go to bed early and wake up early. I am not nit picky but I would really prefer to have my space, privacy and personal belongings and such respected. As I will respect yours. I am looking for a 'nice' apartment. The ones I live in now aren't really the safest nor the cleanest. My max monthly payment would be 650 or less. Remind you , I am NOT looking for a room; I am looking for a roommate who would like to get an apartment together.
I would like to meet up first, maybe get some teazers or Starbucks to see if we get a long well and discuss what we are both expecting and looking for.
Serious people only
Looking for as soon as possible !!!
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