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Marks at Alamos


In Home Office
with 20+ years experience

Full Groom: $20.
Full Groom & haircut (or Shave): $22.50
Nails: $2.50 (with groom) $5 alone
Nail painting: (any color)$2.50 (with groom) $5 alone
Flea&Tick treatments: $2.50 (with groom) $5.00 alone
Animal massage: $20. for half hour, $35. For full hour.
Ear cleaning:$2.50(with groom)$5.00 alone
Anal Expression: $12.50
Teeth cleaning: $12.50
Matted Hair Removal: $12.50
Fur whitening: $2.50 (with groom)$5.00 alone
Deworming: $5.00
Earmite Treatment: $5.00


On Just about ANY animal
Including ;
*Cats (all sizes)
*Dogs (all sizes)
*Rabbits (all sizes)
*Ferrets (all sizes)
*Chinchillas (all sizes)

And just about any other Animals you can imagine!


Payments to be made in full,after work done.
Cash payments only
Open EVERYDAY until 10 PM

We're open and ready for buisiness, and we're the best at what we do
So call or text to make an appointment
Currently offering discount of $5.oo to Seniors or Veterans

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