KX450F New Motor Ready To Race - $5,250 (Clovis)

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Ashlan near East Locan

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type: dirtbike
condition: like new
engine displacement (CC): 450
motor: gas
odometer: 1
title status: clean
transmission: manual
Up for sale: 2012 KX450F With Fully Rebuilt Motor and 0 Hours.

The 450 is an amazing dirt bike for anyone looking for some serious power, amazing suspension, and push-button-launch control for fast hole shots.

I have been riding and rebuilding dirt bike engines since the 1990s. Last year, I was the head mechanic at Clovis Motorsports. I just bought this bike this spring 2024 to fix and sell. I took a month and a half and rebuilt this entire engine.

The rebuild; Every piece sprayed, thoroughly, with PJ1 engine cleaner to remove carbon/oil/everything. Then recoating of the cases, bearings, shafts, gears, O-rings with exactly what the manual called for. The exact motor oil specified by the manual, molybdenum, and a blend of motor oil and molybdenum - in specific areas. I used all new gaskets and Kawasaki liquid gasket. Every bolt was torqued to the exact specs specified in the manual. Every bolt had Loctite applied to it where the manual specified. If anything didn't look new, it was replaced. All gap clearances were measured with a micrometer, all snap rings were replaced. This motor was painstakingly rebuilt to perfection and I expect it will run just as long as a brand new motor would.

You can buy mine for $5,250 or you can spend $13,000 on a new KX 450. Either way, you'll get the same number of hours on the motor before the next rebuild, so you might as well buy mine and save $$$.

This motor has zero hours on it, I am in the final stages of putting it back into the bike.

I have been waiting on a backordered part. I finally have the tracking, it will be here next week. It will be broken-in properly by mid week and ready to ride all memorial day weekend!

I am listing it for sale ahead of time so that you can buy it with the lowest amount of hours on the rebuild. Otherwise, I'll be out there riding this racking up the hours until it sells.

The motor rebuild:

New piston
New piston rings (positioned exactly as specified in the book)
New crank
New bottom end bearings (all)
New gaskets
New clutch plates
New magneto
New kick starter gear & mechanism
New clips
Lots of misc. new pieces/parts/shafts/gears
New NGK plug
New oil filter

I also went through the transmission, I removed every single gear and inspected every single tooth on every gear and they are all absolutely perfect with no signs of wear, no scratches, no wear marks, no bad shifts causing damage.

So, what happened to this motor in the first place? The person I bought it from took it to a dealership to rebuild the kickstarter and put a new top-end on it for the first time. He spent $2,000 and I have the receipts to show that. Unfortunately, the dealership did a hurried rush job (had it in and out in a week) and they forgot to reinstall the engine idler pump gear back in the motor. So, when the previous owner got the bike back from spending $2,000 at the dealership, one gear in the transmission bound to the shaft and locked the motor up after just an hour and a half. He didn't know what was wrong and put it online for someone else to fix. I tore everything apart, replaced anything that needed to be replaced, restored the inside of the motor to as good as new + I found and fixed the original issue that caused the problems in the first place so there will not be any continued issues for the hours to come.

Now, it's as good as brand new for about a third of the price.

Comes with:

$1,200 Full Exhaust: Ti-6 ProCircut Pipe with RD4 Expansion Chamber header (matches sound requirements to race inside moto/supercross)

$3,450 KYB Blonix Tuned Factory Forks: The 450 came with 2 different forks, these are the upgraded OEM forks that are highly sought after. Blonix is/was a suspension shop in Santa Cruz and they tuned the forks. They feel good and I am 205lbs.

Twin Air Filter: PJ1 air filter oil applied.

New grips

New Shifter & front brake lever

Clean / Clear title in hand.

Red sticker on bike good through 2026.

Send me a message and I'll send you my phone number. Put the cash in my hand to hold and you can test ride it.

Cash only: $5,250

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