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Are you taking the July 2024 California Bar Exam ? If so, this craigslist ad is meant JUST for you!

I am a California licensed attorney, a bar exam expert, and the principal instructor and founder of a private bar exam review course who is genuinely passionate, dedicated, and committed to teaching you just how easy it is to pass the most difficult exa in the nation--the CA Bar exam--using my secret approach that has proven effective, time and time...and time...again.

As a California bar exam expert, let me take a moment and go over some of the bar exam basics together with you.

To Pass the California Bar Exam, It Does Not Matter If You...

1) know all the rules or have the memorized to the T;
2) know (or have memorized) all the nuances or exceptions to the rules for each and every testable subject;
3) have seen, or even have access to numerous and various different bar exam outlines and study materials from all the well known or "popular" bar preparation review courses or other resources; OR
4) that you have memorized all the rules in your outlines perfectly (and perhaps even in some particular order in which you MAY or MAY not find helpful for you).

You may be thinking: okay, well then what ACTUALLY matters when it comes to PASSING the CALIFORNIA Bar Exam?


To Pass the California Bar Exam, an Applicant Must...

1) truly want to pass the California Bar Exam; (*this is most important of the 4)
2) understand and know the rules;
3) understand how the bar examiners apply the rules to the test & how they want YOU to apply the rules to the test; AND
4) be able to spot and address all the issues tested on any given essay question and MBE question on your exam.

Are you sure you want to be an attorney and practice law in the state of California? If the answer is yes, then lucky you. My strategies and tactics to passing the bar exam are the only ones you need to know to pass. My outlines, both for the essays and for the MBEs, are specifically tailored and purposefully designed to help you answer any MBE question and any essay question come test day. My outlines, coupled with my instruction and teachings are ALL you need to pass the bar exam and finally become a licensed attorney.

I can assure you that there is not one commercial bar prep review course, not one bar exam tutor, not one bar exam resource or bar prep book that can provide you with what you need to confidently take this exam and pass it. How am I so certain of this? Well, I may be an attorney now but at one point I was an applicant in your shoes. An applicant who was overwhelmed with tons of different bar-exam related material, struggling and desperate to find the best outlines and material (I had tons and tons and tons of random bar prep material) with perfectly crafted rule statements, and desperate to find the answers to my endless bar exam-related questions. During my own bar prep journey, I truly felt really exhausted with the extensive amount of material that was supplied and provided to me by the three different bar prep review courses I was enrolled in. Looking back--sadly, I can't believe I wasted THAT much time... and THAT much money ....on 3 different bar preparation review courses (I spent somewhere around $10,000 total)--& each course failed to provide me any direct or clear guidance and structured approach as to how to... or where to ...even start when writing out the answer to ANY essay question or how to approach an MBE question the CORRECT AND EASY WAY.

In fact, I truly believe that most bar prep commercial review companies lack structure and direction when it comes to teaching their students the necessary skillset and tools needed for their success in passing the bar exam. If these bar review companies are truly designed to help applicants pass the bar, then why do they provide their student-applicants with about 4-7 different, 100+ page course materials and books? HOW on EARTH is an applicant going to ACTUALLY go through all of that material--let alone, where do they even begin?!?

Now, just to transition a bit. If you're an applicant with a low MBE score-- I can help you change that 100%.
As someone who was consistently scoring in the 90's on every MBE practice exam, I am 100% confident that I can help you boost your MBE score by teaching you how to properly approach an MBE question using my MBE "golden" outlines that have all the nuances you need to succeed. I can assure you that my one-of-a-kind MBE outlines coupled with my teachings will result in a noticeable difference and increase in your overall performance and score on the MBE's. I assure you of this.

Now when it comes to the writing portion of the test, most applicants fail to realize that simply knowing the black letter law is not enough to get you to pass. You cannot memorize your way to passing the bar exam. It does not work.

In fact, you do NOT need to know every single rule statement or exception(s) to the rules. Rather, an applicant is required to 1) be able to SPOT the issues tested on an essay; 2) know WHAT issues/headings to write (some are grouped together); and 3) most importantly, know HOW to write everything or format your answer so as to appease the bar examiner grading your essay.

As your 1-on-1 tutor and coach, I'll teach you exactly how to format and structure your essay answers in the proper way (and yes, there is actually a proper way) the bar exam graders want them written. Think about it: how much time do you really think a bar exam grader spends (aka a lawyer getting paid to grade your essay answer) when they are grading your essay? Most of my students are surprised to learn that the answer to that question is that a bar grader spends about 1-2 minutes (sometimes even less) grading your essay answer. Yes, 1-2 minutes... if that. Shocker right?!

If you work with me and learn my secret approach and strategy to proper essay writing that is tailored for the eyes of the bar examiners "grading" your essays-- you will surely be well on your way to passing any given essay prompt or question come test day...easily.

To keep this plain and simple: when practicing with any given essay fact pattern, if you are incapable of spotting the many... carefully... planted words and/or specific usage of terms/phrases in the fact pattern that implicate a relevant issue or sub-issue, you will continue to perform poorly and likely fail or score very low on your essays. And if you can't identify ALL the rules being tested, how can you expect to receive a passing score on that essay? And note, we're not talking about just passing one essay, but passing all 5 of them!! As your tutor working 1-on-1 with you, I will not only teach you exactly what to look for when approaching an essay (regardless of the subject), but I will reveal to you tricks and strategies you NEVER even knew existed! After just one tutoring session with me covering one essay-tested subject, you will see and learn just how EASY it is to get more than a 65+ score on ANY essay question tested on your exam.

My direct approach to preparing for the exam is truly one of a kind-- a shortcut and simple route to passing the bar exam with confidence. How do I know this? Because not one of my students--that's right--NOT one of my students...has failed the California Bar Exam after working one-on-one with me and learning my innovative techniques and tactics that no other review course or resource offers.

In the last few years, and ever since I passed the California bar exam using my secret shortcut to passing, I've helped countless applicants including recent and former graduates from in-and out-of-state law schools, foreign educated and licensed attorneys, multiple repeat takers, first time bar takers, and also students with learning disabilities —successfully preparing them to pass the California Bar Exam. My first two students were both first-time bar exam takers with English being their second language, Farsi being their first. Both of these students trusted in me to help them prepare for the February 2021 Calfiornia bar exam. Not only did I provide them with this same secret approach I utilized and I teach, but I taught both of them the substantive law for every tested-subject on the exam exclusively and entirely in their native speaking language: Farsi. Both of these students of mine passed the California Bar Exam on their first try.

Your success on the bar exam ultimately comes down to just one very important question: how dedicated and committed are you to your success? How badly do you want to pass the California Bar Exam? As long as you are committed and dedicated to pass the bar, I promise you that with my help, guidance, expertise, and YOUR TRUST IN ME--you CAN and you WILL achieve your dreams of passing the bar exam and becoming a California licensed attorney.

I CAN guarantee you that in just 1 tutoring session with me, you will have learned 15x more than what any bar exam preparation course, class, tutor, or any other bar exam resource could ever teach you. Not only that--NO ONE ELSE BEATS MY PRICE FOR BAR EXAM TUTORING! My tutoring sessions are affordable for all!

As I always suggest, it would be wise and to your benefit to prepare for the July 2024 California bar exam (or any upcoming bar exam you are registered to sit for and take) as soon as you can. Do not wait until 2 or 3 months before the exam to get started. Set yourself up for success by getting an early start on your path to bar exam success!!

Text or call me at (310) 533-7344 if you want to PASS THE JULY 2024 CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM!!

★ (310) 533-7344 ★

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