Chemistry Tutor (Intro & Intermediate)

offered virtually
Thank you for your consideration, my name is Eddie!

Hate chemistry? Bad Professors? No Time to study due to work or a busy family life? Is Chemistry just hard for you to grasp?

I understand Chemistry is a tough subject, especially those only requiring a few courses for your degree or prerequisite (Example: Nursing)

Let me help you!
I'm offering tutoring services for intro and intermediate chemistry courses ONLY, online via Zoom.
Afraid online sessions won't be enough?
I'm very well equipped to tutor online, you will be able to see everything I'm writing or the material I'm observing. All notes could be provided through PDF's that I can send via Email or iMessage.

Please feel free to contact me for advanced courses.

Do you just need help with HW?
Do you just need to prepare for tests?
Do you just want to work ahead or catch up?
Need me to look at an exam for you?
All scenarios are not a problem for me.

Here's a bit about me.

I have worked as a private tutor and a supplemental instructor in my early years and have worked with several different students of all scopes.

I've tutored for a total of 10 years
Not only have a I graduated with a BS in chemistry, I've worked in an industrial setting for over 5 years as a chemist.
Chemistry has always been a subject I've been passionate about, and by the end of the semester my goal is to help you at least appreciate the subject as much as I do.

Being professional, friendly, understanding and most importantly NON-judgemental are my priorities when working with students.

If you feel that you may need some guidance with general chemistry, i am more than happy to work with you as these were my favorite courses. Please reach out with as many questions or inquiries you may have as I am pretty flexible as to scheduling and compensation.

Being a student is TOUGH, and I am more then willing to help out any student in need to the best of my abilities.

Please feel free to text / call or email me.


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