Solar Questions? - Been Turned Down? Get a Solar Broker. (Fresno)

Solar Questions? - Been Turned Down? Get a Solar Broker. 1 thumbnailSolar Questions? - Been Turned Down? Get a Solar Broker. 2 thumbnail
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Thinking Solar? Get a Wholesale Solar Broker

Get solar for 0$ Down. We help with credit issues, Permit problems, and negotiating pricing,

Are you getting multiple offers on solar?
Do you have people knocking on your door trying to sell you solar?
Been lied to?
Not sure if the quote they gave you is fair?
Confused about the Federal Tax Credit?
Credit not good enough?
Do you have a permit problem?
Do you have a ITIN number?
Roof Issues?
or- Do you just want the best quote you can get?

We are Blueprint Realty and Lending!-- and Yes, We are also Wholesale Solar Brokers. - a few years back, We started offering solar to our Real Estate and Mortgage clients as a courtesy. We built a trust with our clients and wanted to make sure they were treated fairly. Switching to solar is one of the best financial decisions you can make for your home, IF it is done right. We make sure our clients are taken care of. We make sure they are getting fair pricing, and good products. We also give them the information they need to make well informed decisions. Then when we find something that works, we go out and get it for them. We help with the paperwork and finalizing the installation

Now we are offering this same service to the community. We would love to be your Agent. You never pay us a penny, we get paid from the finance company or leasing company after the installation.

What makes us different?
Well for one; We work for you. Not the Big solar companies.

We have the same name Big Brand Products, Programs, and Purchase and Leasing options as all the Big solar companies.

1.) As your agent - We negotiate and get you what you want. We don't push any programs or product on you. We work for you; We listen to your problems, questions and concerns. Then we go out and help you shop for what you want.

2.) Since We are also Real Estate Agents and Realtors ;
We know how to leverage multiple bidders against one another to get the best offer - We apply these skills when negotiating your solar project.

3.) Since we are a Mortgage Brokerage;
We know how Financing and Leasing work- and we have more options than anyone in the industry-even for your solar.

If you have a current proposal, let's look at it and see if you are being treated fairly. Chances are, we can negotiate a better price or finance option.
Credit issues or Bankruptcy- We can deal with that!
If you have permit issues, Let's get that cleared up.
If you have been turned down for solar, for any reason, it deserves a second look.

Some companies we can broker are; Sunrun, Sunnova, Everbright, Enfin, lightreach, Palmetto, Energy Sage, Simple Solar, Tesla, Tru-Power and others.

Fact: We can get you a Sunrun system cheaper than Costco!

Let us work for you
Text , Call or Email.

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