Jeep Gladiator +$20K in Improvements - $51,000 (Clovis)

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Ashlan near East Locan

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condition: like new
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 23500
paint color: black
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: pickup
Okay, so for this price you probably think you want a Rubicon, but I'll try and convenience you why this might be a better option.

Starting out with the Rubicon versus Willy comparison;
Both trims have Dana 44 solid front and rear axles. Same engines. Both have 4x4 high & 4x4 low options with down hill assist.

The Rubicon has leather seats and power windows. Great for running around town. The Willys has cloth seats and crank windows. Ideal for venturing out in the wild. Crank windows are nice when you adventure because you can roll down your window without having to turn on accessory / find keys or find the person with the keys. I also prefer cloth seats when offroading as they are easy to clean and do not run the risk of scratching/tearing from entry / exit with gear.

I drove the Rubicon at the dealership and didn't like the Fox suspension and knew I would have to pay for it and then pay for the suspension upgrade. To me, the Fox felt like it drifted and rolled around too much in the cab, didn't corner well. I prefer a more of a track-car feeling that the Icon suspension & lift provides. The Icon lift also provides +30% more wheel travel (articulation) which helps to maintain more contact with the ground when offroading (big win for the Willy).

Rubicon has 4.10 gears. Willys has 3.73. | I've yet to be in a position where I've felt like I needed to change the gearing. I've hauled a max-load boat up the mountain, gone up the gnarliest of trails. There's nothing it can't do with the 3.73s. In fact, since 90% of the truck's life is driving to get to work or to the offroad places, it's actually better to have the 3.73 to always get much better MPG (win for the Willys).

Rubicon has a button to unlock the sway bar. You need to be offroad to activate that. It also is a very common wear item that wears out and runs about $2500 to replace. On my Willys, I put the Anti-rock offroad sway bar. This gives the full wheel travel of an unlocked sway bar, the comfortable ride of an unlocked sway bar, with no button to push & nothing to wear out. Plus, the anti-rock makes for a very comfortable ride when on the highway or backroads since the anti-rock sway bar smooths out all the bumps so you aren't pogo-sticking around in the cab over potholes or rocking around pulling out of angled driveways (win for the Willys).

I'm selling my Jeep Gladiator Willys. It runs and drives perfect. Everything I have done makes it much more capable off-road than it was in its Factory configuration. It also rides 10 times better down the road now than it did with Factory parts.

I get 25mpg down the highway.

Adult owned. I also babied this truck as much as possible.

Here's the +$20k in upgrades:

Icon stage 4 lift (installed by 4wp - has same tow specs as max-tow package)
Antirock front sway bar
Apex tie rod
12000lb Badlands winch
Shorty Steel front bumper
Super bright LED headlight bulbs
32" KM2 with 3,000 miles on them
Power Commander throttle
BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau cover
Full hitch / trailer hookups
Python 2-way alarm and keyless entry

I also have the factory extended warranty that's fully transferable and it covers everything for another 5 years or so.

I had 35s KM3s on the truck but I took them off and sold them because I prefer these 32" KM2s for the gas mileage. Overall, this is quite possibly one of the nicest riding gladiators that is also the most well-rounded out there in this configuration.

It's done, all built. Took years and I think I spent over $80k (don't tell my wife)

Currently has 23.5k miles

The only down side is it has scratches in the paint from the trails and a spot in the rear quarter panel that needs some body work.

Asking $51,000

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