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If you are tired of having a plethora of music that never sees the light of day because the audio quality is just not up to standard, then look no further, I'm here to help!

I am the founder of dotM Production Studios, and I offer quality production services including production, recording, mixing, and mastering!

As a musician, band member, and artist, I know all too well the struggle of having finished songs but no way of recording them or getting them sounding professional. If you have music that has already been recorded, send me the audio tracks so that I can apply industry standard mixing techniques to get your music sounding radio quality! If you already have a decently mixed song, but the volume and final polish is still needed, send it my way and I can apply industry standard mastering techniques to enhance your music to a professional volume. Lastly, if you need a full demo done, including the recording, mixing, and mastering, I can help you there too! Studio time, including mixing and mastering, is not cheap these days. However, I can offer professional quality services that not only get your music sounding professional, but also save you potentially hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that a typical studio would charge.

Production (added FX, Risers, Song Structure, Dynamics, etc)-$100/song
Full Demo-$350/song (For a 3 song professional quality EP/Demo, I will do an even $1,000)

These prices take into account both the equipment being used as well as the time spent on each song. As a producer and audio engineer, I strive to provide my best work for each and every project I serve, never shortcutting the process and always serving the music as if it were my very own. With that, allow me to help bring your artistic vision to life at dotM Production Studios.

Feel free to check out just a few samples of my work by searching the songs below on Apple Music or Spotify, or by clicking the links. Looking forward to working with you!

Artist: No Sun Shadows
Song: Better Without Me

Artist: No Sun Shadows
Song: New Path

Artist: No Sun Shadows
Song: There Is A Light



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