harley/f100 trade (Fresno)

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hey im glen and i have a 1971 f100 looking to sell or trade. this is a parts complete project with a lot of work already done by me. i have spent like $10k for parts and the truck but lost steam during covid and moved on to an old diesel truck since. i will do my best to list the parts i have collected but there is much im forgetting. wouldnt take much to have it runnning again but there were no signs it was rebuilt so i wanted to do ground up resto mod but cant afford it now since wife lost her job and other vehicle expenses that unexpectedly popped up.

truck was running and driving before i started but it was neglected and leaking oil, exhaust, etc. it has a 360 with a c6 tranny. i have a 390 core and planned on getting it rebuilt at that size. two sets of heads including what came off and some d codes which are sposed to have bigger exhaust port and look to have been redone recently.

i have a summit air cleaner, holley 650cfm carb, edelbrock performer intake, hei ignition, aluminum water pump, 1 wire tuffstuff alt made for this application, aluminum radiator, hi flo fan which has an extra blade and is composite so its light and dont wear out water pump bearings, shorty headers with the best exhaust gaskets made, mini hi torq starter made in tx which is whats needed with headers, aluminum valve covers, brass expansion plugs, arp studs, arp oil pump shaft, 3" magnaflo muffler as was gonna get y pipe made and run thru this with side dump, 360 still sits in the truck, heads and intake are off, gasket kit, lots of new harware, melling high volume oil pump, none of this has been installed, i got the heads to just put on the 360 but more i read about it the 390 is just a much better platform so when i saw the core available i got it. i dont have the space to rebuild an engine and was going to pay a shop to do it but i blew up my diesel tow rig and getting that rebuilt made this project undoable for me

i have a nice bench seat for it and some singles and center console out of obs truck too, both are red, hard to find f600 gauge cluster already wired to loom just not mounted cuz tach face fell off d/t my shitty mounting but not a hard fix, i did a cool yellow plexiglass on the cluster (see pic). a lot of summit brand dyna matting already done, carpet kit in black not installed, retro radio not installed, new window felts and wing window rubber, passenger window hard to wind up, new window rubber on winshield but i cracked it when putting it in, new window rubber on rear and i tinted it, nice wood steering wheel for it

i pulled the behind seat tank which is now 35 gal bronco tank and sits in between frame rails behind rear axle with filler in bed, fuel pump is mounted inside frame rail and wiring is run into cab, fuel line with filter is run to pump, i was just gonna do a toggle switch but havent, i wasnt gonna use mechanical pump but u can do both if wanted and just use electric pump for priming start ups, i added the ranger script to bed and the 1967 f100 medallions to hood, i have a lot of bright work but some was missing when i got it but wasnt gonna run it anyway as i like the hillbilly look, i did the patina with some sanding but not a lot of body work would be needed for paint. i have the aluminum grill for a 1967 too, a lot of the frame and under body painted with por15 no serious rust anywear. it was built in san jose and spent its life in the central valley around fresno, i painted the top of the cab with oil based tractor paint so its sealed nice, drip rails are solid

i have dream beams ($800) to drop the front, also have ibeams off a 74 with disc brakes to mount on dream beams, have a cpp power ($400) brake booster with disc/drum proportioning valve, i did a half shackle flip on back end and pulled the helper spring but was planning on putting it back if needed but from research the half shackle with dream beams should be about level if not with a little front downward rake, the rear end was rebuilt by fearless gear here in fresno with a detroit trutrack all new bearings and seals which cost $1500 its geared at 3.50

most of the parts fit in the bed and is protected by the shell but its just held on with c clamps. i have two sets of wheels not on truck which are 16" dodge steelies and some custom made natural steel that are 15x7" rear and 5.5" fronts, the stock wheels it sits on have new tires.

i have a really nice 1200 sporty (clean titled as 883) also to include in trade as boot. have spent prolly 3k in last year on maintenance and upgrades for it. a buddy has a flat bed trailer so i can transport if the deals right.

i need a 4x4 dont care if it cant pass smog im only gonna use it off road. thx
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