Mobile Mechanic Service (Fresno)

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Blackstone near Nees

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Hi everyone, I'm offering my mobile mechanic service. I'm licensed by the BAR of CA, ARD#00308815. Please put me to work. I enjoy working with my hands and I like solving problems. I do consider my affordable but still able to make a profit. I don't charge an arrival or diagnostic in most circumstances.
-Brake pads, rotors, master cylinders, calipers
-Motor mounts w/ car dropped off and ready the next day.
-Alternators, starters, etc
-Radiators, thermostats, hoses, belts, water pumps, etc
-Check engine light, gaskets, coils, spark plugs, power steering pumps, etc
-Suspension work
-Truck Bed LED's
-24/7 Hardwired backup cameras and dashcams
-Stereos, sound systems
-Luxury car headlight lense conversion (new wiring to avoid buying factory headlamps)
-Some electrical work, just ask
Much, much more
Please call me @ 559-790-7593.
💳💳Credit Cards Accepted💳💳

**Terms of Service**
-A signed estimate will be required before I begin the repair work.
-Bigger jobs will be dropped off overnight at my house. Please plan accordingly with other forms of transportation if that happens.
-Their will be a diagnostic charge if I have to do more searching on what is wrong. I will deduct it from my labor but I'm not going to drive out to you and tell you that you have a headgasket problem to never hear from you afterwards and make nothing that day. I want a good customer and you should want a good mechanic. This is about the safety of you and your vehicle. If money is extremely tight, I might not be the person for you although I consider myself affordable, just not cheap. I would also be motivated and not bitter knowing that I'm receiving something for my efforts. Not that I get rich off of this business but I've spent time and money to make this profitable. Any rickshaw off the street can change your brake pads for $40 but is that low of a price something you really want to gamble with?

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